Big breath in... and big breath out.

I'm spending the day prepping a resume for a full time teaching job (currently, I adjunct at two colleges). And it's a big deal. It feels especially big as we're buying a house and I just paid my student loans and OH MY GOD less than 10% of my payments actually goes to the principal.

Getting this job means I would actually be doing less work for twice the money. I know, it sounds like I'm making that up but I'm really, really not. I would have summers off, the benefits are awesome, I'd travel less, have fewer preps and would literally make 2x the money. It's crazy.

Two years ago, I applied for the same position and convinced myself that it was such a HUGE DEAL that I effectively paralyzed myself. I couldn't write, I couldn't take critique, I couldn't revise—I seriously sat in front of the computer and cried. This time, I'm trying to take a much more easygoing attitude towards the application process. You can see how well that's going based on the previous paragraphs.

Last time I applied for this position, the dean told me I was too humble in my cover letter and pre-interview questionnaire. So, resume and application geniuses: how do I make my stuff sound more braggy? And what other advice do you have about resumes, applications, interviews, etc.? What have you done that's worked well for you?


Any and all advice is much appreciated!