What do you think that Jezebel should do around this Lena Dunham controversy? If I were them, I'd take a hearty nap, write about a bunch of other stuff and then move on. Most people will forget.

I mean, people barely even remember that time that Tracie Egan decided to put a fundraiser together for a teen mom, got too much money, went radio silent about it for weeks, saying nothing (I asked a bunch of times) and then finally had to seek legal help.

I mean, we don't talk that much about how they showed those pictures of a woman being raped in Libya anymore.

I mean, eventually everyone moves on and becomes more outraged at something else. We Americans, especially, have short attention spans. You could take our last sandwich and we'll only be angry until the next news cycle.


Thoughtful badger thinks, what is the best thing for them to do?