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Ripping the Headlines: "Girl Dishonored" (SVU)

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I count the following stories in the 4/24 episode of Law & Order: SVU (spoilers) Are there any that I've missed? And while we're on the subject: Is Olivia ascending to a higher plain?


If you haven't watched the "Girl Dishonored" episode of SVU and would like, I've embedded the Hulu version below. It should be available to people with US IP addresses free for five weeks, then it should go to a ninety second preview for those without Hulu Plus.

The broad headlines that I've spotted, translated into Gawker Media links (spoilers);

Are there any more subtle that I didn't spot?

And what's up with Olivia this season? Last year we found out that she has a social life outside of work and that she's willing to date, then I guess Harry Connick Jr. didn't want to commit to a contract or they didn't want to pay his price, so they've hooked her up with "Mayhem Guy".


I'm thinking, now that she's seen everything and seems to have reached some kind of inner peace, it could be time for her to retire from police work. She and Andre Braugher should start some kind of victim advocacy corporation, then if they like, it could make for a great spin-off.

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