Mother knows best. At least that is the premise of electronics company, which makes a little white blank device resembling a Russian nesting doll. Each device, called "Mother", is designed to monitor anything you think you need a little reminding about.

It can scold you for not brushing your teeth at night, for drinking too much coffee, for opening the refrigerator door too many times or leaving the toilet seat up. And just so it does not feel impersonal to get told off by a nesting doll, Mother's face lights up with pinpoint little eyes and a small red gash mouth. Because that is not creepy or anything.

You may be wondering if Mother is part of some kind of new parole program instituted at halfway houses. But apparently it is just another in a series of self improvement gadgets, like a pedometer, only way more likely to gain consciousness and kill you. Maybe that is why they made it look like a nesting doll-it's easier to fight off something with no hands.