Saw this at the Geneva International Motor Show today. Not quite sure what to make of it. It's a 6-foot tire with the Earth on it. So, the Earth is a giant petroleum-based donut? This tire will roll all over the Earth? I dunno, the green-washing (or in this case, blue-washing) of the automotive industry really bugged me a this massive celebration of all things CAR. And yeah, sure, there were some nice wheels, but most of them were no more efficient than they were when I started going in the 90s.

The throngs were so thick in some parts that I just had to stand there and wait to be carried away by the general crowd movement, like a piece of flotsam. Here, a yellow Lamborghini turns on a pedestal.

Ugh, this cynic was stuck among too many serious automophiles for too many hours yesterday. That was my last car show for a long time.