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Written in Ink
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Romeo and Juliet Is Not A Romance

At least three or four times a year I stumble upon someone on Facebook or Live Journal or wherever talking about what at great "romance" Romeo and Juliet is.

It fills me with Hulk rage. It is the fucking definition of "tragedy" in that death and sadness occur in a climactic ending because of the fatal flaws of the main protagonists.


Beyond that, it makes me wonder if people know what the traditional definition of a "romance" is. It's a story that has a series of small climaxes throughout the story rather than one big climax at the end. Romeo and Juliet is all about the big climax in the final act. The structure could not possibly have less to do with the structure of traditional romantic literature.

Finally, if someone made a movie today that was mostly about statutory rape, forced marriage, suicide and murder - how many people would find that romantic?


The stupid is strong in some people.

P.S.. "Wherefore art though" means "why", not "where."

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