Business magnate Russell Wilson hosted a #FreeTheNipple fundraiser in Los Angeles last week, and the red carpet featured some pretty amazing statements. On the guest list was daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Rumer Willis, whose sister Scout, you may remember, recently got naked and took to the streets of New York City to protest Instagram's never-nude policy. An assortment of models and activists showed up as well, and, girl, did they come prepared.

Feel free to scroll down and look at the amazingness because seriously what are you waiting for, but when you come back let me tell you why I think this is pretty cool.

Women wanting total control of their bodies is pretty much a "duh, why hasn't this happened yet? It's fucking 2014" issue at this point, so the event meets the cultural relevance factor. Their outfits are both witty and confrontational. THERE IS A MOTHER BREASTFEEDING ON A RED CARPET. And everyone's smiles are seriously the best. These ladies are having a good time, as they should be. Its a celebration of women's bodies. Unencumbered.

I think the pictures speak for themselves, so I'm going to let them do the rest of the talking.

Top to bottom:

  1. Rumer Willis looking triumphant.
  2. Karrueche Tran stunning.
  3. Lena Gora chomping at the bit.
  4. Julia Price letting her hair down.
  5. Ashley Wright and daughter Shannon.
  6. Lina Esco and Russell Simmons.

(h/t The Superficial, images by Splash News)