Written in Ink
Written in Ink

I was walking home one sunny day last week, and I came across this lovely sight.

Living in "da hood" you get used to seeing a lot of things, unique hairstyles that would put circa 1980's Pattie LaBelle to shame, cars worth $900 sitting on 20's, people using fire hydrants as a makeshift waterpark, and boys saggin' their pants.

I'm hip, I'm young, I'm only 32.But this took the cake. It's one thing to sag a little because you didn't put on a belt, but when your pants hang so low I can see the curvature of your ass cheeks....that's just straight up nasty!


If there are any guys who may come across this post, and you sag also, can you explain the rational behind a fashion choice as this?

I understand fashion trends that aren't necessarily fashionable with the older generation(I used to rock the Jeri Curl, and my parents hated it), and I'm not some prudish stick in the mud...but really???

Come on man!!!!

Illustration for article titled Saggin

(Sorry for the picture's poor quality. As you can assume, I was trying to surreptitiously take the pic while walking.)

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