Written in Ink
Written in Ink

Sam Smith

I used to pride myself on being ahead of the curve musically, knowing all about the new thing before it's a thing. So I've been hearing Sam Smith on my favorite progressive station for a couple months. Based on sound on Stay With Me, I thought he was black, and his sound reminded me of Frank Ocean. So I do 10 seconds of research tonight and discover

1. White as snow

2 looks like a heavy Marc almond or Dave Gahan or <fill in 80s Brit pop guy with shaved sides and puffy/floppy top>


3. Is out (so for different reasons than mine, he is sometimes associated)

4. Played SNL. in march/April and so is already pretty mainstreamed (though to be fair, I think they had Adele (yes, apparently there are comparisons) on when she had 19 out, so before the total insanity)


5. Did an awesome and unexpected cover of Whitney Houston's craptastic (in her iteration, not his) How Will I Know.

Point? Not much of one, except that a) he is good on the ballads, and b) I don't think I will ever be as far ahead of the curve as I once was. OLD.

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