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Same Drum, Different Example

@Owl's share of a John Cook comment (good find) could also give us a different perspective on Kinja 1.2. If you do as Nick suggests and open the post in 1.2, the entire discussion appears to be him and his friends. Everyone else is "other" or "all", while if you open the post with tiger=off, Nick's friends may still appear to be the "most valuable" from one perspective, but they're clearly discussing only one aspect of the post.

Some of the quotes floating around about commenting in general, a couple of which I'm about to add to my Kinja Test, talk about how the comments can overshadows a blogger's original post. I think that's clearly what happens with 1.2 on Adam Weinstein's "Buzzfeed". Nick and his friends discussing what Gawker does takes all focus from his original post and the BusinessInsider change.

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