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Same Event, Two Reports

Two Pittsburgh stations report that a man and woman were taken into custody Saturday after a SWAT Team "standoff". It is clear from both versions of the story that at some point the woman was in the street with blood on her hands, but there are differences between the two.

WTAE quotes a witness as saying that the woman was naked in the street, trying to grab people's car doors as they drove by, but everyone rolled their windows up and she kept falling down, asking for help.

The woman eventually went back into the house. Police showed up at the house and tried to convince her to come outside, but she would not, and her speech was incoherent. Officers also found a man inside the house who wouldn't cooperate.


KDKA says that she had been "running through the street in only her underwear with blood smeared on her hands" and that police had surrounded the apartment after "reports that an armed woman was holed up inside".

What doesn't seem to be in question is that the "standoff" lasted three hours, 29 rounds of pepper spray were used, there had been no domestic dispute, the couple was under a blanket to hide from the pepper spray and after police pulled the blanket off them, they were tased.


Again, from WTAE...

Police believe the couple was under the influence of some kind of drug, possibly ecstasy or crack cocaine. Officers pulled the sheets off of them and hit them several times with stun guns, but they still wouldn't cooperate. The man allegedly started fighting with police until he was subdued.


Also not in question, thus far, neither have been charged with a crime.

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