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Anyone who knows me well should know that I really have a fangirl crush on Joe Biden. I've visited Scranton just to be close to that Bideny feeling. That dreamy smile. Those eyes. Biden is also so smart and real and awesome. Whenever GOP types insult him, I just think of him laughing at Paul Ryan and saying, "Malarkey" mostly because Biden is smarter than most of the GOP leadership put together.

Now despite how terrible the government is, if nothing else, it spawned a new man crush. I think I like silver haired guys from mid-Atlantic states who like to call bullshit.


Chris Van Hollen, I want to put you on my wall and write hearts around your picture. You are like the Biden of my dreams. The older he gets, the more likely I will want to throw my panties at him, but will abstain because it would be unstatesmanlike. I loved his speech in the house. I loved him making them squirm. I loved his use of large cue cards. I LOVE HIM. I am glad his video is going viral. He's a good guy. Congrats Maryland.

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