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Written in Ink
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SCOTUS Scuttles Litigious Lobbyists's Lawsuits

Via the Washington Post, the Supreme Court today declined to hear two challenges brought by the NRA, which was hoping the court would strike down laws that do kooky things like, oh i don't know, prohibit the sale of guns or the issuing of handgun permits to anyone under the age of 21. So the laws codifying those restrictions will remain on the books and in effect. Now the NRA is mad.

An excerpt:

The Supreme Court Monday disappointed gun-rights activists once again, declining to review two cases involving the rights of those under 21 to own handguns.

Activists had urged the court to accept the cases, saying there was a "massive judicial resistance" to expanding gun rights following the Supreme Court's decisions in 2008 that there is a right to gun ownership for self-defense at least within one's home. In 2010, the court said the right applies to state and local gun-control efforts, not just those at the federal level.

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