There's something awful but not at all unique about this radio host's attempts to say that if he, as a reasonable guy, doesn't see a problem with his theater group's production of The Mikado, then anyone who has a problem with it must be imagining it. (audio at the link) Via KIRO radio host Dave Ross, who is in the Mikado production that has stirred up a stinging but very interesting conversation about race in theater (two in the cast are Latino, the rest are Caucasian), "interviews" Sharon Pian Chan, the Seattle Times columnist who said the production was racist yellowface—but he's not really interviewing her. He's trying to mount a sputtering white-liberal defense of himself as a nice, non-racist guy who just wants people to have fun at his amateur theater show. Meanwhile, she's trying to explain that just because he can't see a problem doesn't mean there isn't a problem.

It's a master class in what not to do if someone disrupts your pleasant, moderate-liberal fantasy and suggests that you might have made a mistake.

You really should listen to this entire thing. As Slog tipper Adam described it: "The Gilbert and Sullivan society could not ask for a worse spokesperson." I don't know if that's true—but I spent those 12 minutes cringing.

My guess is, this little theater group makes a healthy portion of its annual income from this annual production, and they don't want to have to invest in a new show with new sets and costumes that their audience would have to grow familiar and comfortable with. So, like the DC NFL team, they really don't want to change and they're going to create some Escher-esque reasoning for why they shouldn't have to. But now that they've been called out on it, I wonder if they'll move on to some new production in 2015, to escape the controversy.