A few months ago I showed American Mary to Rome Girl. She liked it but didn't think it was all that. Now she has completely changed her mind and considers it a masterpiece.

Last night a friend of her asked for film recommendations. Knowing her friend has similar tastes to mine so she suggested the film. Her friend asked her what it was about and while explaining Rome Girl realized that it might be a much better film than she gave it credit for.

When she came home she asked if we could watch it again. I was down with that. At the end she said I was right that it probably is the best movie of 2013.

She just had to see it a second time to see how close to perfection it gets.

I was telling this to my shrink this morning and she said "this is how art and therapy can be the same process. Sometimes you have to talk with someone else and explain what you've seen to realize if it's beautiful or ugly, right or wrong."


Mary might agree.