1. Bob "Spin my Wheel" Barker

2. Anne "It turns out that I'm the weakest link" Robinson

3. Regis "I'm the loudest man in any room" Philbin

4. Wink "My name is a sexual innuendo" Martindale

5. Peter "No Whammies" Tomarken (ps. he died in a plane crash. He volunteered to pick up medical patients and transport them and was en route to pick up a cancer patient. Damnit, Peter, you were a good man)

6. Meredith "I'm drunk" Viera

7. Wayne "Your grandma loves me" Brady

8. Monty "I'll show you what's behind Door Number 2 in my pants" Hall

9. Richard "Extra Tongue" Dawson

10. Chuck "I was a hit man for the CIA, really, there is a movie about it and everything" Barris


BONUS: Allen "I'll ride or die with Betty. Ride or Die" Ludden