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MSNBC Live Feed (Embedded)

Of course you'd know the minute I posted, it would go blank because the police chased them away. Give me a minute and I'll recap what I saw. (Adding to the confusion, Kinja seems to be wonky or it's misbehaving for me. Apologies) The livefeed is back!

After the fracas at eleven, which happened live during Rachel Maddow's show and I'm embedding below, once the tear gas cleared, the police were approached by Amnesty International observers, who told the reporter that the police were not cooperative and that no community liaison had been appointed, before they were marched away as a group with their hands-up, filming the police with their phones.


Then, the police told everyone not-media to disperse, they marched forward and after they were past the reporters, a couple said that shots had been fired (which I did not hear) and then they told the media to get into their cars and leave, before the livestream abruptly stopped on a shot of what looks like the interior of a car door.

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