Following the events in the original short story.

For several days the big bird fed the cat, but then she got tired of it. Luckily at about that time a bunch of humans burst into the home. While they milled around the dead bodies, she slipped out the front door and wandered down the street.

Every so often she would stand in front of a house and meow. At the first five houses nobody answered but at the sixth house an elderly biped opened the door and let her in.

At first things seemed fine and she enjoyed eating and sleeping at the woman's house. But, she did not change her litter box very often. Deciding that this biped was faulty, one night the cat sat in the middle of the staircase and when the woman walked down the stairs jumped out causing her to fall and break her neck.

When people broke in to find the body she slipped out hoping to make new friends in the neighborhood.

The humans made a lot of noise bringing the body of the ancient biped into the back of the ambulance, This annoyed the cat, who wanted to eventually sleep in the lawn.

Suddenly, as the ambulance pulled away, the cat randomly ran across the road. The ambulance swerved and hit a school bus.

Darting in a random direction at full speed the cat found a sunbeam. She curled up into it and slept, vaguely amused by the sounds of tiny bipeds screaming.