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Should I be Upset?

So my daughter, age nine, is in fourth grade and her new teacher bugs me. I was already a bit anti-him from a few years back when he made a snide "room moms don't do anything" comment on campus. At that time I was 1st grade room mom and I was hosting class parties replete with treat bags, crafts and many snacks (cheese cut into hearts or snowmen and more) all of which I'd organize, pay for and transport to the school, so yeah not all room moms suck and also don't say such shit on campus, those moms have kids going to the school, those kids have ears jerkface!!

So what I am really upset and unsure about is Mr. Possibly a Jerkface's system for calling on students in class.

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He uses numbers, my daughter is number 11.

He'll call out "Number eleven do you know the subject of this sentence?". My daughter says he uses the numbers instead of their actual names most of the time. I do not like this. I feel it's absurd.


And just to nitpick. He also mentions several times his requirement that everyone do their "personal best" on everything and that mistakes can be avoided if students check their work. Sound advice, too bad his welcome letter to the parents was replete with typos and his first major homework assignment had 3 different due dates in one paragraph. (He basically shrugged when students pointed this out)

I'm not looking forward to back to school night.

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