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Written in Ink
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Should I, Or Shouldn't I?

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After reading an article posted on Gawker tonight, it got me to thinking. Thinking about wether, or not it's acceptable etiquette to ditch my company's Christmas party.


I'm two months into this new job, and so far I have a great rapport with most of my coworkers. I even have a new "friendship" outside of work with one lady. But it doesn't seem to translate into a desire to attend the party. I guess I should mention it's being held at my boss' house which is located nearly an hour's drive away. The distance, nor the fact that it's being held at my boss' house factored into my decision to ditch. In my 20's I was the one who organized all company events. Now that I'm in my early 30's, I want no part of it. I guess I'm just a home body now.

I'm looking for a bit of input from the Crosstalk community. You guys have always offered up tons of great advice on life's little problems, so I figured I'll turn to you guys again:

(A) Have any of you ever declined a company party invite? If so, how did you explain to your coworkers that you didn't plan on attending without sounding like a grinchy, scroogey, party pooper?


(B) If you did attend your company's party despite not feeling up to it, did your coworkers treat you as the "non-dancing, lame-'o, wallflower" who's only interaction with the outside world consists of sitting in the corner reading Mobile Gawker while nursing a Pepsi, instead of participating in forced smalltalk with a bunch of strangers? (Seriously, this is a very accurate portrayal of me at a company party)

I don' wanna go, but I don't wanna be a jerk. Besides, I am participating in the Secret Santa, and I think that should be enough.




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