It is currently 104° out right now. It's friggen April, FerFucksSake! April! This summer is going to be brutal!

I wanted to go out for a bike ride. I finally got a bike rack for my car, and I've been really, really wanting to take my bike out to a multi-use path in the area, but it's 104° out!

Now, Xyl0c41n3, you say, a bike is its own form of transportation, you say. So why don't you use it to ride to that path, or to ride to some other bike-friendly environment?

Good question!

One, because the MUP I want to try out is too far away for me to get to by cycling (right now. I hope to build up stamina and endurance to be able to ride that distance), and


Two: related to the distance of that path. There are no continuous bike lanes between me and that path, so there's no safe way for me to get there, which leads me to....

Reason number 3: Three cyclists have been killed in the last month where I live. Three! One of them, a super-experienced cyclist, was hit by a drunk driver at 4:30 am on a weekday! And then the asshat decided to go get breakfast while the cyclist was dying in the bed of his truck. Then, afterwards, the drunk asshole tried to dump the cyclist's body in an irrigation canal.


This cyclist was riding so early specifically to try to minimize the risk associated with higher vehicular traffic volumes found during daylight hours. This cyclist had lights, helmet, etc. and was riding in a shoulder wide enough to accommodate the width of a semi-truck.

I shit you not, there's at least one cyclist killed by a motorist every month where I live. It's getting ridiculous. As a motorcyclist and friend to that bicyclist said: "There are two types riders, those that have gone down and those that will."


But really, I just came here to bitch about the weather.

Edit: Now it's 106°