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Silicon Valley kids predict various futures in SFMOMA documentary

So, Mike Mills, who directed Ewan McGregor and Melanie Laurent in the semi-autobiographical film, 'Beginners', worked with SFMOMA to make this documentary that consists of interviews with kids whose parents work in Silicon Valley. I think it's fascinating because the kids are smart and funny and articulate, but they have a unique, skewed view of the world, which they can't really help because of the kind of bubble they live in. (note that only 2 kids in the full 36-minute doc have parents in blue collar jobs; the rest are all in tech and tech-related professional jobs.) This is a 3-minute excerpt, so if people want the full 36-minute version I'd have to post the password to that (you're supposed to buy a copy of Believer Magazine, but that issue is no longer on newsstands, although I bought the last one at my newsstand).

I think this could also make for a really interesting piece from Sam or Nitasha, but then I worry that the general commentariat on VW might be just brutal about the kids themselves, and I'd feel really bad about that. Most of the kids seem cool, some more than others, but I just don't want people to bash them either.


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