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Military Times explores active duty Bronies

From The Military Times: Since BronyCon, regulars on the Military Times forums have been questioning whether it was legal (or tasteful) for a national guardsman to appear there in ACUs with a My Little Pony-themed patch on his arm, called a “cutie mark.” A picture of him with the rainbow-colored lighting patch, which appeared on BuzzFeed, got no love on our forums.

“He should lose his man card for [attending the convention] alone!” wrote garhkal.

But, evidenced by the Facebook fan page, “Military Bronies,” which has more than 1,500 “likes,” there appears to be a burgeoning community friendly to the movement.


On the Military Bronies page, one poster was was worried. How common are bronies in the Army? He was about to join and wanted to know how open to be.

“Hard to say,” was the reply. “Best advice I can give is be subtle about it. Those who share your interests will notice, and you may even make some battle buddies that way. Best of luck to you as you launch your Army career!”

On military brony website FOB Equestria, there are forums with topic headings you might expect about fan fiction, My Little Pony music and getting teased for “being brony.” Then there’s “What are you packing for heat?”

“All the other soldiers have AR rifles but I want a lever action Marlin in .45/70, I could even have ponies carved into the buttstock,” writes BinderBlues.


I have no response to this. Just found it interesting.

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