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Written in Ink
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Skin Care Suggestions from Crosstalkers

Hi Crosstalkers:

So I saw the post last week where a lot of people responded to the "product they cannot do without." I looked up a lot of them and found that some of them were very much out of my price range. So I was hoping to ask for suggestions for my life-after-infant skincare routine. If I get around to it, I'd use whatever moisturizer I had, the garnier bb creme over that and put powder on it all. Not really spectacular.


What I'm looking for is some direction to start a skin care routine that can rehab my dried, stressed, face! So if you have some must haves that can be bought for a reasonable price (drugstore, or Ulta, or Sephora) for a daytime moisturizer, a heavy duty nightime moisturizer, and maybe any exfoliation/treatment I'd be most appreciative.

I have overly reactive (red splotchy) dry skin and I have done best mixing and matching products. If someone would take a stab at some suggestions I'd appreciate it.

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