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Written in Ink
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Slate: No Problem Making Fun of Somalis

From an article I won't link to because I feel it is wrong I even read it entitled "Oscar Style: Simon Doonan on the Best and Worst Trends of the Night"

Trend No. 3: Being thin.

Illustration for article titled Slate: No Problem Making Fun of Somalis

Barkhad Abdi.

Photo by Mike Blake/Reuters

While the older broads cited in Trend No. 1 elected to ignore the thin trend, the younger actresses did not. Most had clearly spent weeks at that place near Palms Springs where horrid nurses remove your ribs and subject you ruthlessly to 24-hour colonic irrigation. Despite the rigorous regimens, the thinnest person of the evening was not a chick. The magnetic Barkhad Abdi—he brilliantly played the terrifying Somali pirate in Captain Phillips—provided an unflattering adjacency for any actress or actor who stood next to him. Dude is attenuated.

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