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Slate Writer Blasts Arcade Fire, Gets Handwritten Note From Win Butler

Are you fucking kidding me, Slate? This is a featured article?


So some guy who writes for Slate didn't like that his wife's store got spray painted for the upcoming Arcade Fire album. Only that it happens all the time in their little place in Austin, Texas and in the picture they've done some spray painting of their own. That's fine. If you don't want posters and street art on your building without permission that's fine too.


But because this glorified letter to the local newspaper is on Slate, this asshole gets a hand written letter from Win Butler.

Fuck you, Slate. Fuck you.

ETA: I should mention that I'm more jealous than anything and that I think Win Butler did something very classy by writing the letter. Maybe I should make a fake outrage on someone else's behalf so I can get a letter from a famous person.

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