So I was recently talking to my mom and mentioning that I had a friend who discovered fiddleheads for the first time and I remember the times going out to the swamps and having to gather them, as they are a Northern New England staple food. My mom laughed and told me that she did most of the work gathering them, calling on my bullshit. But nonetheless, it reminded me of how as a kid, like Laura Ingalls Wilder, I knew what flowers I could eat (including their seeds) and what berries were good—stay away from Snakeberries and what wild plants were good for a bit of flavor. But we stayed away from mushrooms because holy fuck, man, eating the wrong one would really be a bad idea. There would be mushrooms we'd call stinkbombs because you'd throw them and they'd smell and have a poof of smoke. That was awesome.

But there are other foods that you don't always realize are specific to an area. I was mentioning how we used to eat beanhole beans and red hot dogs. Apparently Maine style red hot dogs are not found in other places—it's odd what you find out is a regionalism sometimes. But it is something that you eat at things like community suppers and when your mom doesn't want to cook. Comfort food.

The other thing which was big in the area, because it is such a strongly Acadien place, is Cretons. We'd eat this pork product on toast with mustard. I loved it though my sister tried to convince me it was pig's brain. I think she was lying. She knew I was oddly grossed out by random food and there was no real pattern. I mean, I'd be all weird about eating moose meat (a regular in my parts) but I loved blood sausage to a disconcerting degree. I'd eat heart and intestines but no tongue. Blah. I also loved liver. All livers. I'd still eat all your livers, but that's a subject for another more evil forum. Other local shit included Ployes, our local variation on pancakes. I miss the foods up there. I also miss those recipe books from local rotary clubs that always had the best stuff.

In closing, I'd add this little article. Predictably enough, I googled this and know this person's family because there are like so few people up there, were are all known and related. It's one of the least densely populated areas on the east coast.


Ok, friends, what about you?