Written in Ink
Written in Ink

Leaving the bar tonight I remembered that I had forgotten to buy toilet paper this afternoon when the regular grocery stores were open.

So, I hit the Arab run all night bodega. Playing out of the speakers by the cashier was "Wild World" by Yusuf Islam.

The cashier caught me singing along with it under my breath as I waited in line and asked me if that was the only song of Yusuf I knew.

I told him I'd been a fan for years. He then said (and please understand this entire conversation happened in French so this is in translation) that when he was a child the songs of Yusuf convinced him that people from Europe and America couldn't be "that bad" and was part of the reason he decided to come to France to open up his own store.

I then told him that when I saw Yusuf in Paris 18 months ago what most impressed me was how well everyone at the show, North African and French alike, got along in a way that I rarely see in France

He gave me a hug and said "In music we can worship the same things."

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