Given all the talk this week over the lack of black comics, particularly women, on Saturday Night Live, what are the chances the show addresses the controversy tonight?
Besides the open letter from a civil rights group and comments from cast members past and present, the New York Times laid out the case Wednesday in a "On Comedy" column.*
Favorite bit: This dead-pan takedown of Lorne Michaels by columnist Jason Zinoman, who with perfect Timesean reserve, wrote about "how tentative 'SNL' has been on the subject of race:
"There are exceptions, none greater than the years with Eddie Murphy, who, it should be noted, was hired when Mr. Michaels had temporarily left."

*(The Times has an On Comedy column. Who knew?)

ETA: To its credit, SNL took on the controversy with a cold open that was also actually funny and included a promise to rectify the situation "unless we find another white man we fall in love with first." A later skit about Obama's monolithic support among African-Americans demonstrated some of the options that open up when the cast is more diverse.