Keep Your Banner Art Coming (Updated)

If anyone would like to add a banner into contention, please post it in response to @iElvis' post (embedded). It looks like that even though Kinja will shrink a 600px wide image to 300px and I'm pretty sure comment images will not get an "expand" if they're less than 640 wide, it appears that I can right-click the images full-size.

(Please save your originals, in case the right-click doesn't work)

Unless there's an objection, we'll keep the nominations open until midnight Friday (late Thursday night, early Friday morning), then I'll package them into a poll that we'll keep live over the weekend. I'm sure once there's an initial push, the votes will taper-off, but I lean more toward giving the maximum number of people an opportunity to vote.

I'll also rebump this post early Thursday morning, so that it'll be near the top on Thursday and people will know that they'll need to come back to vote on Friday or over the weekend.

Update: When I say that we'll be taking submissions until midnight, I really mean that I'll put together the post after midnight and you'll have until then. Also in case you don't read through my every reply... I've decided that we'll do the voting in two rounds to make it more fair, unless there's one submission which gets more than all of the others combined.


IOW: Please submit your banners and come back to vote for your choice.

So, about those banners...

A while back we had discussed adding a banner to CT. Personally, I am tired of looking at that AJD "Let me ban you" thing, and I don't think I'm alone. Here are my suggestions.

There are plenty of you capable of doing better than this, so I expect to see some other options.


Edit: I've been asked to add this one: