Opened up Gawker this morning and I see an angry comment from someone who's been sending me messages for the past few days. When I asked him/her what the problem was, they said they don't like the comments I've been leaving. I'm not naming any names since I'm pretty sure that's a violation of Cross Talk rules, but I must admit I'm thoroughly entertained by our exchange.

I feel like Dr. Venture wondering why this psycho in a butterfly costume wants to kill me. People take kinja waaaaay too seriously.

ETA: He/She left a follow up:

"Great. More of the usual Global Beet in the future, then? And if I want to taunt your weak-ass mercilessly then I will, you fucking doofus eunuch"


ETA: He/She discovered this post and left another follow up:

"It's cool that I've gotten under your skin somehow. Your little gang of losers can eat my dick, too"

I guess all of you are my little gang of losers. lol