Why is a parody twitter account telling another tweeter to fuck off, shithead? Well, that @seanbonner character got his goat with some tweets about the leaked pics, and if you're not pleased about those pics then you're liable to react badly to people who seem pleased about them. But here's the thing: it turns out that sean bonner guy isn't actually pleased about the pics. He just has a theory about them. And the theory is, essentially, they are a diversion to cover the tracks of the hackers, who were much more interested in stealing other things. The pics get all the attention, people grab onto any early bit of data to jump to conclusions (namely, that it was an iCloud hack), they get fixated on that, and meanwhile the hackers are working on getting paid for the things they actually wanted to steal. I'm not saying he's right, but it's an interesting theory nonetheless (and it has virtually nothing to do with the pics). Most likely it wasn't any one vulnerability, but a combination (iCloud + Dropbox + gmail + infinity and beyond), cultivated over 6-12 months, maybe more. The pics were probably pulled by a loosely affiliated bunch, but this guy is saying it's very possible that the timing of their public unveiling may have more to do with something related to financial transactions or other sensitive data.