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So I got one of those letters from my healthcare provider...

Since I work for a small company I'm on my own for healthcare. My healthcare provider informed me that my current plan doesn't meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Instead of a knee-jerk cry of outrage, I actually read the letter and accompanying documents.

While my current policy will stop at the end of the year, if I do nothing before December 15 my provider will automatically enroll me in a new plan that costs over double my current payments (110% to be more precise*). I can afford this (fortunately) but I'd be foolish to assume the plan being offered is the best deal I can get.


So I'll read up on what the new default plan offers then see what's available on the state exchange (CoveredCA.com) and HealthCare.gov.

To be continued...

*I'm an engineer so I like to crunch numbers.

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