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So I'm 37, Here's What I've Learned

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Today is my birthday, I turned 37. What have I learned, upon turning the not very significant age of 37? Well, mostly that it isn't that different from turning 27 for me. In fact the similarities outweigh the differences. Here's the breakdown:


1) I'm in university taking classes.

I began my undergrad like most folks when I was 18 but after 2 years pursuing a degree in Biology with a focus on Marine Biology I decided I wanted to work and take a break from college.


That Marine Biology thing, it was inspired by all things from a love of watching Jacques Cousteau and David Attenborough documentaries in High School Zoology class. Also a horror fiction book that began my fascination with deep sea hydrothermal vents. I don't remember the author or the book these days, but in high school I loved it.

I returned to college to complete my undergraduate degree when I was 26. I'm back at the very same school completing my Master's Degree now.


2) I'm back home once again. I never left.

I had moved to DC area for work for a few years, but I always return to Baltimore. I once believed that I would be the one in my family to move away from Maryland. To travel and live across the US. While I've traveled to many states, our neighboring countries, and skipped across the pond for some jaunts, I've never lived outside of Maryland.


I'm actually really okay with this. It isn't that my wanderlust is gone. I still want take a road trip across country and back. I still want to travel for pleasure and work. I'll probably end up working in DC again. But I don't think I'll ever not live in MD. I'll probably stay in B'more if I do take a job in DC. It is home to me.

3) I spent it with my two best friends, grilling food, and sitting on the back deck of a B'more row-home smoking too many cigarettes.


The only difference was that we weren't drinking beer because my female BF no longer drinks. But it still rocked because I was with them and I prefer a no fuss, low key kinda celebration. Always have.

4) I don't feel any older now just like I didn't then.

5) I'm a broke ass student.

I don't have a car (can't afford one), again. I struggle to pay my bills and borrow money from my parents, again. But, I honed the skills to get by on very little and still enjoy myself 10 years (and more) ago. They come in handy.


So what is different at this age? Not a whole lot.

1) I've joined some Kinja communities and met some really cool folks. But a little over 15 years ago I was on gay.com and met cool folks (and one awesome boyfriend). Ten years ago I 'think' I was on Friendster, but might have been Myspace meeting and talking to folks I didn't know in real life. Not sure that is a change in activity but a change in venue?


2) I have two cats now and not just one cat (RIP Kitti and Aureliano)

3) I looked in the mirror when I got home tonight and noticed those thin lines at the corners of the eyes. I thought for the briefest of moments, as I pulled the skin tight, that maybe I should get (when I have some money) one of those serums or lotions. But I'm not that kind of gay guy, never have been and don't to be. Yet the uncertainty is there. So maybe I will, maybe I won't. I'm not trying to chase youth.


I woke up to 50+ happy birthday messages on my facebook page today. It was nice.

Yet the only birthday gift I want* is to nail my second round interview I have on Wednesday and get hired for that job I talked about a week ago.


For now, for tonight, I'm raising my Miller High Life (the champagne of beers!) to another year passing.

*That's the only B-day gift I want from 'the World' that I make happen of my own ability. If you want to help me celebrate my Birthday, then please share a Youtube video song that means something to you in the comments. Tell us why it is meaningful. I'm going to make a Youtube playlist tomorrow to bounce around to AND I'll post it here on CRT. Mine is down below.

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