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Written in Ink

So, My Cat Is A Bully.

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My cat is named Scout. She is soft and sweet and cuddly and loving to me and friendly to strangers. She is also protective of the outdoor area around our house. My legal property! And she howls for me to come help her whenever one of the endless menacing feral tomcats infringe on our territory.


But there have been whispers of a different Scout. Scout's once best friends, my next door neighbors, have had a word with me about her over zealous protectionism of their front porch. And her hissy window behavior towards their indoor kitty Amelia. I was horrified and tried to keep a closer eye on my Scoutie. And they also mentioned that she goes across the street and picks fights with other kitties. Sometimes strays.

I found that hard to believe. Scoutie's a Mama's Kitty. Always in a defensive crouch against the intruders on our land. Calling out for me to back her up...


So now, as I am on the outside porch with Scout and I actually see her jump down and attack a stray kitty in another yard....not ours....I know it is time for tough love. But I don't know what?

Drag away and spank? Wait for her to call out to me and ignore?


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