If you really liked it I have two recommendations for you.

Should you be a reader I suggest buying the Karin Slaughter books. At first glance they seem to be just general crime novels, but over time you realize that they are really complexly weaved stories about how the meth trade has destroyed parts of rural America. It becomes much, much more nuanced than Breaking Bad ever became and they document the corruption of values from poor disempowered people up to the greatly powered in a considerably more realistic way. And while we are not at the end of the story yet (I think we are about two books away) it's already more brutal and raw than anything Breaking Bad has done.

Should you like these types of stories on television then I have to suggest The Shield. It's almost exactly the same story as Breaking Bad (without the meth, but still the same) yet it comes to a far more satisfying conclusion. What happens to the Jesse and Walt characters in the series finale of The Shield is much more emotionally devastating and realistic than Breaking Bad was able to pull off. The ending will haunt your soul. There are also more interesting side plots going on and the moral descent is much, much more subtle.