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So something funny happened/is happening

I ordered some food from Amazon (whoever gave the Amazon gift card, thanks. I forgot who you were because my mind is shot). For some reason they decided that it would be better for everyone involved if they sent the stuff one package at a time.

Yesterday was the first package. My mother met went outside to get the package and asked what was it. I told her it was food. She said "okay that's weird" and went about her business.

Today I received everything else I ordered (one package at a time). For my last package, while walking in the house, she looked at me puzzled and asked "why are you getting all of these FedEx packages". I told her it was food since you know, it is. That's when she got the weirdest facial expression that I can't quite explain. It was like a mix of confusion, disbelief, and shock.


I now await the predictable question of "where are you getting all of this money from?". I don't know exactly how to answer that without pissing her off. I want to say that there are people who are better than you and you should die so you won't use their oxygen but, that might be a little bit harsh.

Help me with an answer!

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