Another post about a comment [which I hope will pass Magister's muster, no hard feelz bro].

I received a reply the other day claiming from someone claiming to be Kelly Flanagan, the sister of the deceased Yale professor, and I forgot to respond to it. I imagine at this point they would probably not check back anyway.

Samuel See, 34, was determined to have died from a meth-induced heart attack; there you can see a picture of Ms. Flanagan in a street protest. He learned he was HIV-positive in the year of his death. She has been very proactive in defending her brother in the comments of several articles about his death. Indeed many more people than usual in the articles I've read seem to have been personally affected by his death, which has upset what must have been a tight-knit community.

Anyway, it was totally tacky of me to have posted those pictures, even if they were available online. At the same time it is in the very nature of Gawker to not just spill the beans but to bury you in them with little context or pudor. And I can't delete my comment, although if Ms. Flanagan is serious, she or her lawyer could e-mail Gawker and ask them to ban my account or dismiss my comment, and hear straight from the horse's mouth what right bastards they are. For my part, I don't want to dip my toes in what will probably be a drawn-out legal battle over whether See's arrest was brutal and unnecessary, if the hospital was negligent in failing to note his drug usage, and whether that contributed to his death.

It is just sad when someone seems to have a nice, quaint life (Yale professorship, New England, a handsome spouse) and it is all destroyed by concealed turmoil.