Written in Ink
Written in Ink

Wow. It takes a lot for sexist bullshit to bring on full rage in me but this really takes the cake.

Just when you think the mansplaining in this sack of shit can't get any worse, it does.


Which should not be surprising in an article that starts out with "If men are like checkers, then women are like chess — except the pieces are all kittens hopped up on catnip with broken glass taped to their paws."

What the fuck does that even mean?

Then there is this gem:

"to you, going out with a man three times, sleeping with him, and never hearing from him again may be a disaster, but to him it’s probably going to be viewed as a win."


Really? Maybe that's a win for some women too! And maybe for some men it might be a disaster!

"Now with men, if you study cultures around the world, contrary to what you hear about gender being a “social construct,” you’ll find that “masculinity” revolves around the same basic traits everywhere."


What a load of bullshit. Ideas of masculinity vary widely around the world, dipshit.

"Listen, I don’t know what they told you in women’s studies classes in college, but most men don’t view themselves as part of a patriarchy, they don’t want to oppress women, and they are more likely to think the world is slanted AGAINST THEM."


Men who think that way are part of the patriarchy and part of the problem, dipshit.

"there are a lot of women who can break into tears if a waiter brings them the wrong kind of salad dressing."


What kind of psychotic women does he date???

"you want a “nice guy,” but in practice you ignore men like that and chase good looking, arrogant jerks with high-paying jobs."


Oh, he's not dating anyone because he's a "nice guy." Gotcha.

"The man you’re talking to probably doesn’t know what color your eyes or fingernails are."


Wait, he thinks men are color blind? How the fuck do you not know the eye color of someone you are on a date with or trying to pick up?

This is why we can't have nice things.

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