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Written in Ink
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Something I Didn't Know

A couple of folks from the conservative side of Twitter have been having fun with a Vine of Peter and Paul singing "Puff the Magic Dragon" on Morning Joe, which included the following reply;


According to Wikipedia;

In 1970, Yarrow was convicted of, and served three months in prison, for taking "improper liberties" with a 14-year-old girl who went with her 17-year-old sister to Yarrow's hotel room seeking an autograph. He has since apologized for the incident: "It was an era of real indiscretion and mistakes by categorically male performers. I was one of them. I got nailed. I was wrong. I'm sorry for it."

In 1981 Jimmy Carter granted Yarrow a presidential pardon for the crime. Nonetheless, it has occasionally become a campaign issue for politicians he supports. In 2004, Representative Martin Frost of Texas, a Democrat, cancelled a fund-raising appearance with the singer after his opponent ran a radio advertisement about Yarrow's offense; in 2013 Republican politicians called on Democratic Congressional candidate Martha Robertson to cancel a scheduled fundraiser with Yarrow.


To be honest, I've always been meh about Peter, Paul and Mary and this news hasn't changed my opinion one bit. Now that I have the info when their songs come on the radio, I'll do nothing different than I did before — which is mostly changing the channel away from their saccharine sweet unless it's an deep cut or I'm driving through Bumfuck, where radio is hard to find — and I'll still watch fifteen minutes of their PBS special, whenever it's fundraising time.

Also interesting from the Wikipedia footnotes is the story of his friendship with former Republican Congressman Randy Cunningham over their shared position against bullying in schools and how he wrote a letter during the sentencing phase of Cunningham's bribery trial.

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