I try to buy local as much as possible. I get all my non-packaged foods at a farmer's market, almost all my books are from brick-and-mortar stores, my clothes mostly come from independent shops, and I even had my wedding ring made by a local artisan. It's usually not that much more expensive, and I can afford it if it does get to be a little more anyway. My only exception is Christmas presents, and that's only because I hate shopping in huge crowds and therefore avoid all stores from late-November to January.

However, I need earmuffs. I recently started walking to work, and I live in Canada, and it's November. Hats don't work, since my hair gets completely matted by the time I get to the office. I looked for the last week at various stores. I even went to the mall, but no one seems to have them for adults for some reason. I could have kept looking, but it's getting colder every day. So today, I gave in and checked out amazon. 3 minutes and $12 later, and a nice, super-warm pair of earmuffs are on their way. I can see why so many small stores are in danger. It's too easy to cheat on them!