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Written in Ink

My boyfriend recently got hired at a dollar store to work the register. He doesn't really have an experience but the guy that hired him pretty much said the first week would be all training. Today, 3 days in, a manager fired him.

He called me to tell me this and we're both highly confused. According to this manager, these past 3 days were an "evaluation period" and not training. She also said he's failed that evaluation. Barely 3 days on and still being trained on the register and other duties and they fired him. When he said that he thought the first week (well, the first 24 hours so the store doesn't have to qualify for Obamacare) was training, as that's what he was told, the manager just told him that wasn't the case and that they had someone else with more experience coming in.


I doubt there's much he can do at this point but I figured I'd post our confusion here. That and complain about how, when you can finally get a job, you best be 100% perfect or else you're getting canned.

ETA: It sorta looks like the manager that fired him overstepped the store manager because she wanted to hire this other person and he hired my boyfriend. So yeah. Good stuff.

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