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Somewhat related to this conversation from yesterday, I'm reading a book called JFK and the Unspeakable: Why he died and Why it matters and in it, the author quotes a paragraph from Thomas Merton.

Merton writes:

"In actual fact it would seem that during the Cold War, if not during World War II, this country has become frankly a warfare state built on affluence, a power structure in which the interests of big business, the obsessions of the military, and the phobias of political extremists both dominate and dictate our national policy. It also seems that the people of the country are by and large reduced to passivity, confusion, resentment, frustration, thoughtlessness and ignorance, so that they blindly follow any line that is unraveled for them by the mass media."


Merton wrote that in 1963, though it reads as if it could have been written this morning.

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