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Sons of Anarchy: Terrible in So Many Ways.

When it comes to my cableless life of Netflix, I have developed a relatively decent method of keeping the selection fresh. I save entire series and avoid them all together if I expect them to be good television shows. I have not watched one episode of Mad Men, and although I saw the first 3 seasons of breaking bad, My girlfriend has not yet seen an episode. One of the series I saved and finally broke the seal on was Sons of Anarchy.

3 seasons in, I completely hate the show. I hate SAMCRO more than I hate Rob Ford gifs. >>>>SPOILERS AHEAD<<<<<<

First off women are really second class citizens in their world. If you aren't somebodys "old lady" you pretty much are just a hooker in there eyes. What really disturbed me about this part in particular is how unapologetic they are, and act like this is the way it has always been. My favorite part of the misogyny ensues when the main character Jackson, cheats on his girlfriend whom is pregnant, because he is trying to protect her by pushing her away. The icing to this entire cake is the pornstar he cheated on with, gets tossed out and shamed after spending the night making Jacksons toes pop. While the pornstar is walking out one of her pornstar coworkers who is dating another member of the biker gang slaps her for sleeping with somebodies man. So very Jerry Springer like it was just missing a Steve and a large crowd of screaming idiots. It doesn't really get any better. When the gang suspects that one of their members might have ratted them out they botch setting a car bomb in his truck and instead kill the suspected rats wife. After hiding the fact they accidentally killed his wife, and then blamed it on somebody else he eventually finds out his own biker gang did it. He thows a small temper tantrum and then it is pretty much all good after that. That is right, he is over it. The producers felt so bad for him after killing his wife that they decided to give him a new girlfriend who so happens to be a pornstar.


My next gripe really, really made the show suck for me. They spend the whole series trying to make these crooks, sympathetic characters. Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original, or SAMCRO, are hardly gangsters, more like a vigilante police force that so happens to run guns. The writers of this show spend most of the series beating over your face these are the good guys, you forget they are in fact gangsters. Before the gang runs one gun in the show, they are fighting to keep racist neo-nazis from selling meth in their small town, and help one of the affluent towns folk find the man who raped their child. Once they find the rapist they castrate him. See SAMCRO cares about their town and the people in it. They really are not that bad of people. By the time they actually get around to fucking selling some guns, they end up having to kill the guys they sold the guns to because they are some radical anti government organization that went off the grid and started killing cops. I mean what kind of gun runner kills their customers?!

I thought I had saved myself a good show, and instead got a watered down show about a pack of mysoginistic bikers, that are actually horrible criminals, that are actually horrible at being criminals! There really is a whole lot more I could go into that sucks about this show but I feel I have wasted enough of my day on it. No thanks SAMCRO, somebody else is going to have to tell me what ends up happening in season 4 and 5 because, I am done.

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