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Sorry about my share there

I don't know how to do the "shares" so I can also add text and have comments on the "share" like Magister did yesterday.

Anywho I really tire of slut-shaming.


and paragraphs like this, equating a woman's sexuality to a "cookie" makes me want to kick things (which I should not do with my broken ankle)

That being said; It seems like so many women declaring & engaging their promiscuity under a defiant, and valid, cry of feminism and equal treatment - are at the same time forgetting the power of a woman's cookie & her sex, and missing the logic, strategy and long term value of making a man spend time and earn it. I mean really earn it. Not just three or four dates, but three months. Because if he's not willing to wait, then you know how serious he is (or isn't) about real love and intimacy with you.

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