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South Korea has a drinking problem

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So in the roundup of how many people drink hard liquour, we've got the usual suspects of Russia and other Eastern European countries. And then we have South Korea at double. Ask a Korean says that Korea is more okay with public drunkeness then we are here in the states, but I still wonder about the cultural forces behind this trend. Because my family is from the former USSR, I grew up around this idea that being able to hold your liquour is a sign of strength. This translates into a catch-22 where abstaining and getting drunk make you look stupid, but finding the "just right" level of liqour can take ages. So I'm wondering if the same sorta factors are at play in Korea.


ETA: I totally acknowledge that the many of the Islamic majority countries may be vastly underreporting. And that this study doesn't include beer and wine, which are the substances of choice for very many alcoholics.

Source: Quartz

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