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Sponsored Kinjas

In a recent interview, Gawker Media publisher Nick Denton said their goal is to transition half of their advertisers into publishers. As I theorized in sort of an offtopic comment to an ObservationDeck post, I suspect that because anyone can launch a Kinja, an ad's price will buy a featured listing or a share to one of the Gawker Media blogs.

After responding to @Ghost in the Machine, I loaded-up io9 and found a post about a Twin Peaks/Pie tour which was shared from the Roadtrippers Kinja and because this had every appearance of being a sponsored share, I took a glance at the other GM blogs and found that today Roadtrippers posts were shared with three ad-supported Gawker Media blogs. (io9, Jalopnik and Gizmodo, plus they were on io9 a week ago)


Of course all this is fine with me because I recognize that ads are a necessary part of blogs and because the posts were shared, they're marked as not being editorial content, but because we now have a clear example of how some advertisers will transition... any thoughts?

Since I wrote this post, I see that a Jalopnik post from a Jalopnik Senior Writer has been shared to the Roadtrippers Kinja. I'm guessing this is to help fill the blog out with related content, so that followers wouldn't get just ads. After all, it didn't cost a lot to share a post.


2nd Edit: After looking further at the Jalopnik post, I see that though it was tagged "road trip" and that was my assumption about how it was chosen, I now realize that it at least had some promotional consideration from Porsche, if it wasn't an outright ad.

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