Hello you wonderful Crosstalkers.

Team Post has had one of the better banner reigns of the last few months. Over that time period, members of Crosstalk has quintupled. We have brought people from all walks of blogs to come and join the greatness that is Crosstalk.

Some people will tell you that we are immovable pieces of wood. I will tell you that I agree. We are immovable. We will not move for injustice. We will not move for intolerance. We will not move when a cat jumps on top of us.

When you click on that pencil thing what does it say? Create Post. That is what we, at Team Post, want to happen. To create a post for everyone. When you need to tell someone about your cats, what do you need? A post. When you need to keep out invaders of your property what do you turn to? A post. A post is what you need to keep Crosstalk moving forward into the future.

Thank you for your time and God Bless Posty!