Over on Netflix I was wandering around, looking for something to get me through my hangover (crying cartharses seem to do wonders for me), and I found this little gem of a mystery:

In the upper left hand corner you can see that Dolly Parton's name is spelled "Pardon." Being the self-doubting person I am, I immediately fretted, thinking I had been pronouncing her name incorrectly and went straight to Google for clarification. Thankfully, that was a false alarm.

So what is this? I can't find any mention of a faulty video cover online, and to boot, the pose is cropped and realigned in front of the house relative to the other covers I could find (with a closed door). The names have been all capitalized and the spelling error is gone. See here:

So why would Netflix be using a weird flawed version of the cover? This isn't like massive conspiracy theory news here obviously, but I'm just curious and wondering what the back story is to this.

ETA: Thanks Scylla&Sin for catching the even more outrageous error of "Darrel Hanna" for Daryl Hannah. Something fishy is going on here...