"Steeping" is a cooking method in which meat is cooked in water. My parents will often steep fried chicken or fried pork chops in water and the cooking grease, resulting in more tender meat with a nice gravy. Obviously, the fried coating is not crisp, but it's not at all off-putting (it's not soggy or limp). I have recently regained an appreciation for these dishes after my parents cooked them for me over the Christmas holiday. I've never cooked them myself, never paid any attention to how its done, and never even thought about doing it myself until now (I try to keep my fried food intake to reasonable levels). I have searched for recipes or cooking tips for steeping meats, but I have only found references on the Internet to steeping as an Asian cooking method, and that method does not first fry the meat before steeping. Also, my parents are not Asian. They are African-American Southerners.

Do any of you know about this method of cooking? Do you or your parents or grandparents steep their fried meats? Is steeping a Southern thing or just something my parents do?